24 Responses to “Open”

  1. Georgina

    HI Maja! I love your illo!! I saw your blog and made me feel something special. My grandfather was born in Mostar and was living in Belgrade too… and I miss him so much! I cant explain what I feel in english… I just can say that everything from your land is like a piece of my heart.

  2. Maja Veselinovic

    Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting and all your lovely and cheerful comments. I’m always happy to share work with my fantastic IF people!

    For Bistra – 🙂 It’s not
    Belgrade…It’s more like mix of my hometown (Trstenik) and few other small places I visited across Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia…

  3. Nash Chovek

    Beautifull style, Majo. There is something nice and warm in the way you drew (your) small town, and the hands holding it…your illustration makes one smile.

    I am writting in English because I don’t want to be rude and writte something others do not understand


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